Dining Options

Grotto Pizza

Great place to dine in with the kids.  Several locations abound (three in Bethany!).  Pass it on your left as you come into town on Rt. 26.  Phone 302-537-3278 to pick up a pizza as you arrive (we do this and we discovered that our family pediatrician has the # plugged into his cell phone, too!).  Also, watch for off-season specials of all-you-can-eat pizza nights and in December, and interior tree-trimming decor, and more! Grotto Pizza


Thrasher’s French Fries

While one could argue that these are not a full meal, they sure taste momentarily fulfilling!  Cooked in peanut oil and the only specialty of the house, doused in vinegar is the only way to have them.  If you want ketchup, you’ll have to bring your own! Thrasher’s French Fries


Fisher’s Caramel Popcorn!

Gramma’s Favorite!  She would let you know, too, that you can purchase the plastic tub which you can bring back washed & ready for a discounted refill! Fisher’s Popcorn


The Cottage Cafe

Located on Rt. 1 in Bethany. Good, down home food.  We especially like their Pot Roast. The Cottage Cafe


Bethany Blues

Located near downtown Bethany. Especially their beef brisket salad. Love it!  Bethany Blues