Directions from MD

Directions to Bethany Beach, DE.Directions

* Take 495 E, around the beltway to 50 E.

* After about 27.0 mi., the tollbooth at the Bay Bridge is $2.50 going East only.

* About 11.0 mi. past the Bay Bridge, look for the 301/50 split. Stay RIGHT to follow 50 E.

* Proceed another 7.0 mi. to LEFT at 404 E.

* 404 E will eventually direct you around Bridgeville (bypassing 404 E business route).
– About 29.0 mi. after initial turn onto 404 E, turn LEFT following 404 E signs.
– Proceed about 2.0 mi. and turn RIGHT following 404 E signs.
– Continue about 2.4 mi. and turn LEFT following 404 E signs (@2nd light, passing McDonalds).

* Another 11.0 mi. after the last turn, make RIGHT onto 113 S.

* Follow for another 11.5 mi. to LEFT at 20 E, following signs for Bethany Beach.

* After 2.5 mi. look for a LEFT at a light in the town of Dagsboro, following 20 E signs.

* 20 E merges with 26 E for a while then turns off to the right…stay STRAIGHT on 26 E to Bethany Beach.

* There will be another LEFT at a light, following 26 E signs, passing a small church and grave yard on the right.

* After about 6.0 mi. of slow driving, you will reach Route 1 at a light, entering “downtown” Bethany Beach…go LEFT.

* Watch carefully… in about (4?) blocks, when you see the Caldwell Bankers bldg. and the sign for “The Canal” on the left, turn Left onto this street (directly across the street from Ocean View Pkwy.)

* You’ve arrived! The Cozy Sands is the first in the second block of condos.